7x7.LA: Selected Artist & Writer Collaborations
March 19 - May 28, 2022


7x7.LA: Selected Artist & Writer Collaborations, is an exhibition highlighting the online magazine 7x7.LA’s (http://7x7.la/), a stunning series of interdisciplinary collaborations between writers and artists. Each 7×7 collaboration invites one visual artist and one writer to engage in a two-week creative conversation. The format, inspired by Surrealist games of the early 20th century, challenges participants to improvise, in their respective disciplines, a spontaneous story that pushes into ever-wilder imaginative terrain. Every finished 7×7 is singular, unclassifiable, and wholly original. Since it launched in 2015, the magazine has published over 160 original collaborations between artists and writers.

Feature collaborations:
Holly Elander (artist) x Kij Johnson (writer)
Stephanie J. Ryan (artist) x Kathy Fish (writer)
Rochelle Botello (artist) x Deirdre Danklin (writer)
Lorraine Bubar (artist) x Silvia Park (writer)
Corinne Chaix (artist) x Jasper Nighthawk (writer)
Ned Evans (artist) x Ashaki M. Jackson (writer)

Coinciding with the exhibition will be three nights of in-person readings and conversations featuring 7x7 contributors.

March 19, 2022:
The exhibition’s opening will feature readings by Deenah Vollmer, Deirdre Danklin and Lisa Teasley.

April 16, 2022:
Poet Ashaki M. Jackson, Jasper Nighthawk, Ned Evans and Corinne Chaix.

May 28, 2022:
The exhibition’s closing receptions will feature readings by Lisa Locascio, David Ulin, Ilana Masad, Katya Apekina, Silvia Park and Kathy Fish.

A print anthology / exhibition catalogue, 7x7 Volume 1, will be published to coincide with the exhibition and will be made available for purchase.

Sodium Light
Images by Corinne Chaix / Text by Jasper Henderson

Peel Me Open and Take Me Home
Images by Lorraine Bubar / Text by Silvia Park

Roll the Dice
Images by Holly Elander / Text by Kij Johnson