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Join Stephen Galloway, the Executive Editor of the Hollywood Reporter, for a conversation with Academy Award-winning writer and producer Mark Boal. Boal has just written and produced the controversial and acclaimed film "Detroit," has won two oscars for writing and producing the best picture winner "The Hurt Locker," and was nominated for best original screenplay and best picture for "Zero Dark Thirty." Boal has written for Rolling Stone and many other publications. His 2004 article, "Death and Dishonor" was adapted for the film "In the Valley of Elah," which Boal also co-wrote. Recently, Boal produced Season 2 of the podcast, "Serial," which just won an Edward R. Murrow Award for investigative journalism.



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Garrett Cathey & Janet Kim
backyard friendship
October 14 - November 5


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About Beyond baroque

Founded in 1968, Beyond Baroque is based out of the original City Hall building in Venice, California...

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The 8th Annual Beyond Baroque Poetry Contest
is accepting submissions as of
September 1, 2017

The contest accepts entries from anywhere in the United States. The postmark deadline for entries is December 1, 2017. The judge for this year's contest: Matthew Zapruder
First Prize: $1,000
Second Prize: $500
Third Prize: $250
Five Honorable Mentions
will also be awarded.
Click here for more information.


I am saddened to learn of the passing of Annette Geisler of Beyond Baroque. She was so helpful to many of us.

Many people worked in Beyond Baroque’s bookstore and office over the years. Annette was at the bookstore during the early 2000s and later moved on to take charge of the web site. She was one of those people who don’t stand out in your mind at first because they are doing “the little things” that help move the bigger machine. Her gentle presence and beauty greeted visitors and she was an indispensable part of all events at Beyond Baroque.Once I was on the phone with her and a small earthquake occurred just at that moment. “I have to get out of here,” Annette told me. The building is old and occupants were required to evacuate. There we were, talking on the phone while everything was shaking-but Annette was unshaken herself. It was a memory to laugh at later on.I remember Annette presenting her daughter Charlene (then 9) reading a piece called "My Imaginary Car" which I helped them to get published in the Santa Monica Mirror. Charlene shortly thereafter embarked on an acting career with Annette’s help and blessings and she has grown to be a wonderful, talented young woman this last decade.The poetry community rallied to Annette’s support when she shared the unfortunate information about her cancer. Up until very recently she was still fighting, still posting on Facebook, and we all kept telling her we kept her recovery on our highest
wish list.

We will miss you, Annette.
~ Lynne Bronstein,
Beyond Baroque L.A. Advisory Council