Please read carefully before submitting the proposal form.


Beyond Baroque (BB) is a great place to have an event. We have a blackbox theater that seats up to 99 people and a fully functional sound booth with recording capability. Facilitators and hosts should be aware that BB does not have a built-in audience, and it is the responsibility of the event organizers to generate publicity for their events and bring in an audience. Beyond Baroque includes all event information on their website, eblast newsletter, in the print calendar (if the information is given to us in time), and on our social networks. We also create an event invite on the Beyond Baroque Facebook page, which the organizer is responsible for using to invite people to their event via Facebook. Ideally, a digital flyer should be given to BB at least four weeks before the event so that we can use it in our digital publicity. The organizer is responsible for arranging any additional technical support needed (more on this below).


Before we schedule for your event, please understand that because arts funding has been substantially reduced in the State of California and the City of Los Angeles, Beyond Baroque is operating on a bare-bones budget in order to ensure the institution's long-term survival while continuing to serve increasing community needs. With this in mind, please carefully read the following:


The admission prices we charge at the door depend on the day of your event. Friday and Saturday events charge Regular Admission at the door as follows: $10 General Admission, $6 Students & Seniors, Members Free. Sunday events may charge Regular Admission or ask for a suggested donation between $5 and $20. It’s your choice. Note the technical considerations below that apply to “by donation” events.

No event may be completely free, as there is always a cost associated with opening the doors and turning on the lights. If you would like your event to be Free to the Public you will need to pay a community use fee of $50 for use of the facility.

If your event is a fundraiser or requires a different admission price for some reason, you must discuss and clear this with with the Curator assisting you and the Director of Beyond Baroque.  


You will need to be involved in your own publicity. We ask that if you have a Facebook and Twitter account that you like us @BBLitArts and tag us in your online promotions. We create Facebook invites, quarterly, for all the events on our regular calendar schedule, which you will be able to see and share after you Like our page at “Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center.”

Our publicity efforts include our quarterly calendar, which will include your event and which goes out to hundreds of subscribers and appears on our Web site (www.beyondbaroque.org). We also notify the community and local newspapers, as well as send regular e-newsletter announcements to regional poetry newsgroups, our members, and local schools and universities. Our digital publicity includes Internet outlets like Poetix.net, ExperienceLA, Poets & Writers, and the LA Weekly.  


The Beyond Baroque Print Calendar is issued quarterly by mail to our members. We require the following information to publicize your event:
Biography Information: For the purposes of our print calendar and its limited space, we will list your name with the event, but we will not have room for a biography. However, please provide us with a 50-word or shorter bio for our digital promotions. Biographies must be edited and ready for print. We will not edit your copy.

Event Information: For the print calendar, please include a description of no more than two brief sentences for your event.  For digital promotion, please provide a 50-100 word description of the event.

Please check our online calendar at: www.beyondbaroque.org for examples of our longer event listings.


Members of Cathy Colman's workshop read from their poetry and prose. Participants have garnered book deals, prizes, and have published in top literary magazines ranging from Another Chicago Magazine to Zyzzyva.

Photos: If you would like us to include a particular headshot, a book cover or other images, please proved 72dpi images for digital promotion, and 300dpi images for print promotion


We take our printing and publicity deadlines seriously. Therefore, we require the list of participants and short event descriptions IMMEDIATELY once we have booked the event. Longer event descriptions for digital publicity may be delivered up to 6-weeks before your event.  Please note: you are responsible for getting us the information and photos for all the performers in your event.

To send information about your event for the Calendar, you can e-mail them to Quentin Ring at quentin@beyondbaroque.org. These are the hard deadlines for the print calendar: The deadline January Print Calendar, January which covers events in January, February and March, is November 15; The deadline for the April Print Calendar, which covers events in April, May and June, is February 15; The deadline for the July Print Calendar, which covers events in July, August and September, is May 15; The deadline for the October Print Calendar, which covers events in October, November, and December, is August 15.


Biography -

JAMES HART III lives in southwest Detroit. Currently he has published two manuscripts: the watchable book by Weightless Language Press (2003) and White Holes by Marick Press (2006).  He is the director and editor of white print inc, a new avant garde Detroit press dedicated to emerging and unknown writers, amongst well established poets from Detroit and beyond. He curates The Woodward-Line series, a nationally visible venue in its seventh year. In 2001 he corresponded with Jacques Derrida, who expressed great interest in his work.

If your event is an anthology reading and/or includes more than three readers, give us a list of participants' names without bios so that we can at least mention them in the Online Calendar entry for your event.  

Event Description Sample -

The music of Berlin-based Canadian composer MARC SABAT and Los Angeles composer and guitarist JOHN SCHNEIDER both filter American folk culture through an iconoclastic experimentalism that also makes their work highly individual. They are joined by ANDREW MCINTOSH of the Formalist Quartet and TRIO KOBAYASHI, who will premiere a new work by SABAT composed for them.


Due to heavy demands to book events at Beyond Baroque, once we assign you a reading date, we will not change it except under very serious conditions.
Unless you and Beyond Baroque arrange otherwise, your reading is scheduled for 8:00 p.m. and the event concludes no later than 10:00 p.m.
If your event occurs on a night when we have two events booked, your event will take place in one of our two reading spaces assigned on the basis of technical requirements.


If you have co-features in mind for your reading, you must advise us immediately and give us their name, a short bio and a headshot of your co-feature. If you do not have a co-feature planned and need us to provide one, also please advise us immediately so that we can look for appropriate co-features.

In the interest of keeping Beyond Baroque's programming varied, we may ask that you do not book a co-feature who has read at Beyond Baroque in the 3-months before your reading. All co-features are also expected to participate in publicizing events.

If you do not have a co-feature for your event, we may schedule 1-2 other co-features for the evening. We will certainly check with you ahead of time to ensure that the co-feature we propose is appropriate for your event. We have an obligation to our community and our audiences to provide at least 2-3 co-features for an evening reading, and events with multiple readers tend to be better attended than most single reader events.


If you bring books to sell, you may sell them through the Beyond Baroque bookstore for the customary 60%/40% (author/bookstore) split. You may also consign books under the same customary split and leave them with the bookstore.

Consignments will be displayed in the store for 3-months. Unsold copies will be returned to you after that time. If your book has been sold, we will send you a check for any sales at that time.

Our bookstore manager can make arrangements for your book sales. If Beyond Baroque needs to order your book, you must give all the relevant ordering information to our bookstore manager in a timely manner, at least 4-weeks ahead of time. For all questions dealing with book sales and promotions, you should speak with our bookstore manager. You can phone the bookstore manager at Beyond Baroque on Thursday, Friday or Saturday between 1:00 PM and 6:00 PM or send and email to bookstore@beyondbaroque.org

At our readings, Beyond Baroque's host will announce the availability of your books and encourage the audience to purchase them. There is plenty of space in the bookstore for a prominent display of your book on the night of your event. If is highly recommended that you make announcements on your social networks and to your lists that your books are on sale at Beyond Baroque Books if you want to maximize your profits.

Beyond Baroque does not pay out cash for sales made the night or you reading. All sales must be processed through accounting. Again, Beyond Baroque keeps 40% of consigned merchandise sales.

We also invite you to donate a signed copy of your book for permanent retention in the Beyond Baroque Archives. Our Archives are the most extensive poetry collection in Southern California, and the inclusion of your book will guarantee that it will be available for scholars and researchers for generations to come. Please let us know if you want to donate a copy of your book.


Events on Friday and Saturday nights have our professional sound technician working the soundboard. We provide 1-2 mics and our speaker system as part of the event. The technical support for Sunday events is based on admission price: Regular Admission shows receive the same support as Friday and Saturday shows, events that are by donation only have a portable mic system setup for their use, with a single mic.
If you need additional technical support, please contact info@beyondbaroque.org.

You are required to arrive at Beyond Baroque at least 30 minutes before your event for sound check.


The Curators Council programs Beyond Baroque events. The current members of the Beyond Baroque Curators Council are Robert Branaman (Mike Kelley Gallery curator and Artist-in-Residence,) S.A. Griffin, Susan Hayden, and Richard Modiano.

It must be emailed to bbproposals@beyondbaroque.org at least 8 weeks before your proposed event date. Note that there is no guarantee that you will get your desired date.